Luke’s Gospel (Luke 1-3)

Preached 2008 – present by Stephen Rees

Listen NowLengthSizeDate
The greatest story (Introduction)40:1713.83 MB28/09/08
Enter Dr Luke (Luke 1)44:0615.14 MB19/10/08
The priest, the place and the prayers (Luke 1)46:2615.94 MB26/10/08
A new age dawns (Luke 1)43:1414.85 MB02/11/08
Faith begins at home (Luke 1)38:0313.06 MB09/11/08
An angel comes to Nazareth (Luke 1)40:5614.05 MB16/11/08
An angel preaches good news (Luke 1)44:3715.32 MB23/11/08
The overshadowing Spirit (Luke 1)41:0014.08 MB07/12/08
Holy child (Luke 1)41:5014.37 MB14/12/08
Zachariah and Mary (Luke 1)44:1015.17 MB11/01/09
Mary and Elizabeth (Luke 1)44:0715.15 MB18/01/09
Mary the Theologian (Luke 1)40:1113.80 MB25/01/09
Zechariah: an unbelieving believer (Luke 1)41:1114.14 MB08/02/09
Zechariah’s mouth is opened (Luke 1)38:1413.13 MB15/02/09
Zechariah sings God’s praises (Luke 1)44:0715.15 MB22/02/09
Zechariah’s son (Luke 1:76-)45:0315.47 MB01/03/09
In Bethlehem of Judaea (Luke 2)42:4214.66 MB08/03/09
Jesus the Firstborn (Luke 2)40:5414.05 MB15/03/09
Helpless, Poor, Rejected (Luke 2)43:2414.90 MB22/03/09
Glory Shone Around (Luke 2)43:1014.83 MB29/03/09
Unto us a Son is born (Luke 2:21-)40:5414.00 MB05/04/09
In the temple: Simeon and Jesus (Luke 2)40:0213.70 MB19/04/09
Simeon: a man of God (Luke 2)37:2712.86 MB03/05/09
Dismissed in peace (Luke 2)39:4413.64 MB10/05/09
A Light for the Gentiles (Luke 2:21-)41:1114.14 MB24/05/09
A Light for Israel (Luke 2:21-)43:5515.08 MB31/05/09
A Sword in Mary’s Heart (Luke 2:21-)44:3515.31 MB07/06/09
Anna, a Prophetess (Luke 2:36-38)43:0214.77 MB14/06/0
The childhood of Jesus (Luke 2:39-50)53:4218.44 MB21/06/09
The perfect childhood (Luke 2:39-50)46:0015.79 MB28/06/09

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