Truths for Today

Working systematically through the great truths of the Christian faith.
(Preached 2006 – 2009 by Stephen Rees)

Download the complete sermon series: Sermons 1-60 (867MB), 61-117 (832MB)

January 06 -March 07

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Who needs theology?48:2116.60 MB
The being of God (Gen 1)35:1312.09 MB
God reveals himself Part 1 (Rom 1)50:0317.19 MB
God reveals himself Part 2 (Rom 1)42:4914.70 MB
God reveals himself Part 344:2315.24 MB
God reveals himself Part 434:3111.86 MB
The LORD is One (Deut 6:4)46:3916.02 MB
God is sovereign (Part 1)49:4117.06 MB
God is sovereign (Part 2)37:1312.78 MB
God is Triune (Part 1)47:4316.38 MB
God is Triune (part 2)46:3816.01 MB
God the Creator (part 1)45:3715.66 MB
God the Creator (part 2)42:0314.44 MB
God created Man (Part 1)32:4811.26 MB
God’s Image-bearers (Gen 1:26)45:5715.78 MB
The Image of the Trinity (Gen 1 & 2)43:2814.93 MB
Male and female He made them (Gen 1 & 2)34:2511.82 MB
Multiply, fill, subdue, rule (Gen 1)51:5117.80 MB
The chief end of Man (Gen 1)42:1914.53 MB
Created to live; choosing to die (Gen 2 & 3)37:2212.83 MB
Adam’s fall – how could it happen? (Gen 3)55:4119.12 MB
Adam’s fall – how could it happen? (Part 2)36:1012.42 MB
You shall surely die (Gen 3)40:3513.93 MB
Adam and Us (Gen 3)51:5317.82 MB
Desperately wicked (Gen 3)49:2116.95 MB
Heart of Darkness (Rom 3)52:1617.94 MB
Total Depravity and Common Grace43:1814.87 MB
Total Depravity: the dark reality54:5618.86 MB
Total Depravity: A Vital Doctrine I47:3916.36 MB
Total Depravity: A Vital Doctrine III54:3718.75 MB
God of the Covenant Part 1 (Eph 1)35:3312.21 MB
God of the Covenant 2 (Heb 10)43:3214.95 MB
God of the Covenant 3 (Eph 1)45:2015.57 MB
God chooses (Part 1)47:3016.31 MB
God chooses (Part 2)41:1514.16 MB
God chooses (Part 3)40:5314.04 MB
God chooses (Part 4)47:2816.30 MB
God prepares (Part 1)53:1418.28 MB
God prepares (Part 2)34:5211.97 MB
God prepares (Part 3)38:1013.10 MB
God prepares (Part 4)41:0414.10 MB
God prepares (Part 5)44:4515.36 MB
God prepares (Part 6)48:2616.63 MB
God Incarnate (Part 1)49:2516.97 MB
A Real Man52:4518.12 MB


March 07 – December 08

Listen NowLengthDownload
God Incarnate: Tempted in every way42:3914.65 MB
God Incarnate: Living by Faith44:2315.24 MB
God Incarnate: The Claims of Jesus55:5519.20 MB
God Incarnate: Born of a Virgin33:4411.58 MB
God Incarnate: I believe38:3013.22 MB
God Incarnate: From Glory to Glory47:2916.30 MB
The God of Calvary44:3615.31 MB
God’s purchased people51:0817.56 MB
The Blood of the Covenant40:4113.97 MB
A Ransom for All47:1616.23 MB
God loved the World66:4922.94 MB
The God of Grace38:5313.35 MB
God Awakens the Dead43:4815.04 MB
God calls43:4915.04 MB
Coming Back to God48:1116.55 MB
Trusting God’s Son34:2911.84 MB
God’s gift of Faith47:5416.45 MB
God-given Faith49:5117.12 MB
The faith God gives45:2515.60 MB
Baptism – God’s Appointed Sign46:0615.83 MB
Baptism: Doing things God’s Way40:0413.76 MB
Baptism God’s Way42:3114.60 MB
Baptism: God’s Simple Command47:1316.21 MB
Baptism: God’s Way for the Church48:3216.66 MB
Baptism: God’s kind gift56:1319.30 MB
Why faith saves46:3816.01 MB
Union with God’s Son46:5616.11 MB
God’s sons in Christ51:5217.81 MB
God justifies44:1215.18 MB
God justifies the wicked49:4717.09 MB
God sanctifies44:1815.21 MB
God’s holy ones50:2517.31 MB
God gives the Spirit56:2119.35 MB
God keeps his people46:2315.93 MB
God’s promise: eternal life50:3417.36 MB
God guards his own55:3919.11 MB
Departing from God43:0614.80 MB
Faith without Works45:3715.67 MB
Death – The Paradise of God53:4018.43 MB
Death – With Christ which is far better51:1217.58 MB
The Church & the church45:4315.70 MB
The church in God’s plan40:2313.87 MB
The marks of God’s churches53:2718.35 MB
God’s pattern for the local church47:5616.46 MB
God’s church: the family meal50:0417.19 MB
The church worships God (Part 1)39:3313.58 MB
The church prays to God38:3613.25 MB
The church sings to God40:1013.79 MB
The church’s mission34:0411.70 MB



  • Earl and Valmai Bearham, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

    Greetings from Australia! We have now listened to ninety-two of the Truths for Today, and we are enjoying every one of them. We have put all 117 on memory sticks, and given them to friends who have computers, and put them on CD for another friend. They are really worth sharing, and we are being blessed.

    Every blessing in Christ Jesus,
    Earl and Valmai

  • Earl and Valmai, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

    A friend sent us a link to a Christian view of the marriage of William and Kate on your website. On browsing around the website, I found the Truths for Today, and listened to one. It was an hour long, but it was gripping, so I have downloaded the first sixty systematic theology messages, and my husband and I are listening to them one by one. When our monthly download quota is renewed, I hope to download the next sixty.

    We belonged to a Grace Baptist housechurch for many years under the ministry of a retired PNG missionary. He is now in glory, and we are worshipping with the Presbyterians – happily, because the present pastor is faithful to the scriptures, but we are glad to find more in-depth teaching from a few Grace Baptist websites we have found.

    Every blessing in Christ Jesus,
    Earl and Valmai

  • admin

    Yesterday I discovered more sermons on your web page that I hadn’t seen before and I’ve now got all 103 of them on my Mp3… I don’t know how to thank you for what I am beginning to understand as you teach and preach so clearly without any frills, but purely open the scriptures up in a way that I can understand.

    I can’t wait to listen to all the series and I’m excited and eager to listen to them and for the Lord to reveal more and more to me through your teaching sermons…