Jesus and His Disciples (Matthew’s Gospel)

Preached 2006 – 2007 by Stephen Rees

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The Disciples: Called (Mat 4:18-22)43:1714.86 MB
The Disciples: Taught (Mat 4: 23-)36:5612.68 MB
The Disciples: Forewarned (Mat 8:18-23)46:5116.09 MB
The disciples: men who trusted (Mat 8:23-27 )41:4014.31 MB
Christ’s unlikely choice (Mat 9:9-)38:1113.11 MB
Rejoicing (Mat 9)43:5815.10 MB
The Master’s example (Mat 9)37:2212.83 MB
Called to compassion (Mat 9)48:1016.54 MB
Commissioned (Mat 10)44:1315.18 MB
Marching orders (Mat 10)39:4013.62 MB
Equipped (Mat 10)42:5114.71 MB
Ambassadors (Mat 10)37:3812.92 MB
Sheep among Wolves (Mat 10)46:0215.81 MB
Opposition begins at home (Mat 10)38:5413.36 MB
Accused (Mat 10)38:0813.09 MB
Exhorted (Mat 10)49:2616.97 MB
Listening (Mat 12)43:3614.97 MB
Understanding (Mat 13)41:2714.23 MB
Further lessons (Mat 14)47:3116.31 MB
Lessons in faith (Mat 14)42:2314.55 MB
Facing criticism (Mat 15)44:0215.12 MB
Radical Purity (Mat 15)36:4612.63 MB
Liberated (Mat 15)44:5115.40 MB
Daring to be Different (Mat 16)43:0714.80 MB
Faith built on Facts (Mat 16)44:4215.35 MB
Rock and Stumbling-Block (Mat 16)46:4216.04 MB
Dreams and Realities (Mat 16)42:0314.44 MB
Blessing on Blessing (Mat 16)43:2414.90 MB
Slow to Learn (Mat 17)42:0814.47 MB
Becoming like Children (Mat 18)37:0912.76 MB
The Disciples and Christ’s little ones (Mat 18)45:1115.51 MB
Under-Shepherds (Mat 18)46:2515.94 MB
Lessons in Humility39:0413.42 MB
The first shall be last (Mat 18)39:4613.66 MB
The way of the cross (Mat 20)35:2612.17 MB
Great Ambitions (Mat 20)42:5314.72 MB
Royal Procession (Mat 21)42:4914.70 MB
The Temple (Mat 21:12-)43:4715.03 MB
Temple and Figtree (Mat 21)40:5514.05 MB
Moving Mountains (Mat 21)41:4214.32 MB
Looking for Signs (Mat 24)36:0812.41 MB
The Disciples and the Son of Man (Mat 26)49:2616.98 MB
What Jesus Knew (Mat)46:0215.81 MB
With Jesus in the Garden (Mat 26)41:4014.31 MB
He can’t mean it! (Mat 26)47:4216.38 MB
Nowhere to be Seen (Mat 27)45:3715.66 MB
When Faith Collapses (Mat 26)42:2314.55 MB
Reinstated (Mat 28)41:0314.09 MB
Royal Summons, Royal Commission (Mat 28)46:0515.82 MB
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  • Mark Richards

    This message (Matthew 20) is marked by original and persuasive explanations of the curiosities we encounter in this passage, especially compared to Mark. The application concerning Christian discipleship is also searching – perhaps especially for those who have children.

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