Getting to Grips with the Bible: Old Testament

Preached 2000 – 2001 by Stephen Rees

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In the beginning .. God (Gen 1)42:3514.63 MB
Let us make man… (Gen1,2)35:4112.25 MB
You will surely die. (Gen 3)46:4616.06 MB
Curse & Promise (Gen 3)43:3515.00 MB
Two Brothers;Two Religions (Gen 4)36:2212.50 MB
From Seth to Noah (Gen 5,6)45:3015.63 MB
Abraham believed God (Gen 12)41:5014.38 MB
The one to whom it belongs (Gen 4 )46:1715.94 MB
I AM, the God of Abraham (Ex 3)53:0618.25 MB
The Passover (Ex 11)45:5115.75 MB
10 Commandments Part 1 (Ex 20)42:5114.75 MB
10 Commandments Part 2 (Ex 20)46:2515.94 MB
The Sinai Covenant (Ex 19-24)39:1013.50 MB
The Day of Atonement (Lev 16)45:0415.47 MB
David the King (1 Sam17)50:4917.50 MB
I will build a house for you (2 Sam 7)50:3917.44 MB
Jesus shall reign (Ps 72)54:5018.88 MB
The King forsaken (Ps 22)48:5816.88 MB
David repentant & restored (Ps 51)44:3515.31 MB
David the fallen King (Ps 51)42:1014.50 MB
He shall reign forever (Ps 72)58:1020.00 MB
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty (Is 6)53:3618.44 MB
To us a child is born (Is 9)49:4017.06 MB
A branch from Jesse’s stump (Is 11)46:0415.88 MB
The Lord’s Servant: His Mission (Is 42)59:5920.63 MB
The Lord’s Servant: His story (Is 49)50:0317.19 MB
The Lord’s Servant: his Obedience (Is50)45:4115.69 MB
The Lord’s Servant: His Achievement (Is 53)56:4819.56 MB
The Lord’s Servant: What he gained (Is 53)55:2619.06 MB
Good news for the poor (Is 61)44:1515.25 MB
The New Covenant (Jer 31)50:0717.25 MB
The True Shepherd (Ez 34)49:0616.88 MB
Four beasts and the Man (Da 7)49:2117.00 MB
O little town of Bethlehem (Micah 5)39:5413.75 MB
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  • Michael Otieno Maura. Nairobi-Kenya

    I have just finished listening to Genesis 4 and indeed the Lord Jesus Christ is my substitute.

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