The Life of King David

Preached 2004 – 2005 by David Last & Stephen Rees

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Listen NowLengthSizePreacher
David’s Forefathers and God’s Grace33:4911.62 MBDavid Last
Samuel’s Example Of Leadership41:0914.14 MBDavid Last
God’s Choice42:0214.44 MBDavid Last
The coming of the Spirit of the Lord38:4313.30 MBDavid Last
The Goliath Crisis42:2814.59 MBDavid Last
David and Jonathan41:1514.17 MBDavid Last
An Unhappy Marriage40:4413.99 MBDavid Last
Bread from God32:2811.15 MBDavid Last
Choices and Consequences43:0014.77 MBDavid Last
Strengthened in God36:0312.39 MBDavid Last
Listening to Conscience40:2213.86 MBDavid Last
Tempted to Anger45:1615.55 MBDavid Last
Abigail And Inner Beauty39:4913.68 MBDavid Last
When God is silent44:0815.16 MBDavid Last
One final test40:3413.93 MBDavid Last
Death of a con-man40:1813.84 MBDavid Last
Gilboa – The Place of Defeat41:4214.32 MBDavid Last
Patience and Trust34:4411.93 MBDavid Last
Asahel’s Folly37:1312.78 MBDavid Last
God’s King37:4812.99 MBDavid Last
Jerusalem40:4413.99 MBDavid Last
God’s Ark and God’s Glory42:5114.72 MBDavid Last
Reacting to God’s Ways39:0313.41 MBDavid Last
Learn More About God40:4514.00 MBDavid Last
Mortality, Submission and Immortality (2 Sam 7)39:0013.39 MBDavid Last
Safe in God’s Kingdom (2 Sam 8)45:1615.54 MBDavid Last
Good Men Murder Too (2 Sam 11)39:4413.64 MBDavid Last
Sin exposed, punished and forgiven (2 Sam 12)45:4315.70 MBDavid Last
Father and Son (2 Sam 13)39:3213.57 MBDavid Last
Appearances Can Be Deceptive (2 Sam 14)41:4114.31 MBS.V. Rees
Absalom’s Conspiracy (2 Sam 15)36:4112.60 MBDavid Last
The God who Saves (2 Sam 15)39:4713.66 MBDavid Last
Accusations and Curses (2 Sam 16)38:1513.14 MBDavid Last
God Answers Prayer (2 Sam 16/17)42:3714.64 MBDavid Last
O LORD Save! (Psalm 3)37:3812.92 MBDavid Last
Father and Son (2 Sam 17 & 18)58:4520.17 MBS.V. Rees
The Far Side of the Hill (2 Sam 21:15-22)41:0714.12 MBS.V. Rees
Every foe defeated (2 Sam 22)33:0211.34 MBS.V. Rees
Easy Times – Dangerous Times (2 Sam 24)46:2015.91 MBS.V. Rees
Old age: trials and triumphs (1 Kings 1)44:5915.45 MBS.V. Rees
David’s Legacy (1 Kings 2)50:2217.30 MBS.V. Rees

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